About Those LinkedIn Changes…

April 22, 2014 11:21 am

Noticed any changes to LinkedIn?

As of April 14 your Products and Services pages are gone, along with customer recommendations on them. Deep (direct) links to the pages no longer work.

Replacing them are Company Updates and Showcase Pages. Company Updates allow you to post general daily updates, and Showcase Pages are devoted to specific products.

Click here for a breakdown of the new features.

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Respage Express: Now With SEO & PPC Reporting

April 10, 2014 12:09 pm

Respage Express now includes SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) reporting.

Why? Because you need to know how your social media and online marketing works for you. You shouldn't have to go elsewhere to do it, and it should be easy.

Respage Express easily breaks down SEO and PPC results into Summaries, Analysis/Recommendations, and Data. PPC & SEO reporting through Respage Express is available to any of our clients currently using Respage's PPC & SEO services.

Got questions about how it works? Ask us.

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Noticed These Google Service Changes?

April 3, 2014 12:31 pm

We've mentioned one of these before, but it's worth repeating.

Be careful what you discuss on your Google account. If you review shoes, music, or anything else on Google+, YouTube, or other Google services, the search giant reserves the right to use your name, profile picture and writing in search results.

Yes, Google wants you to help sell products. Not interested? Click through for instructions on how to opt out.

Noticed strange Gmail activity lately? Google+ users with Gmail accounts can now receive email from anyone who follows them. Yes, anyone. More details can be found here. We haven't discovered an opt-out feature yet. Be warned.

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