Feast on the Rancor Burger at Petrol Station

July 19, 2016 | alliance

The ingredients in Petrol Station's Rancor burger can barely be contained by a bun. Its juicy Angus chuck patty sports a gooey layer of cheese, crispy strips of bacon, and a lone fried egg on top. The smorgasbord of fresh ingredients has won the Rancor burger a legion of fans among Yelp reviewers—about 50 of them make mention of this popular sandwich.

Burgers may be the main event at Petrol Station, but they're in close competition with the list of craft beers. Depending on what's on tap, you might be able to try the 512 Pecan Porter, described as "dark and smooth" by one drinker, or the light and frosty Bombshell Blonde. If you'd like lighter fare to nibble on with your drink, opt for the "Hummus Amongus" with fresh veggies and pita or the heirloom tomatoes with balls of mozzarella cheese.

Petrol Station
985 Wakefield Drive
Houston, TX 77018
(713) 957-2875

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