Property Managers: How Does Respage Help You Unlock the Social Web?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing unique Respage features that help property managers and multifamily professionals unlock the social web.

This week, let’s talk about reach. With Respage powering your social media campaign, your blog posts and news from your community are syndicated to every major social media site, including Facebook and Twitter. And if you want to integrate your blog with sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, we make it easy.

Respage is a comprehensive social media tool that’s proven to increase resident engagement and improve search engine positioning. Customers tell us it drives leases, too.

Since Respage is made especially for the multifamily industry, we know how to make your message stand out on the social web.

Want to know more? Come back next week for more on how Respage can strengthen your digital marketing presence, or contact us.

4 Walls Client CAA-LA Featured in the March 2012 Membership Management Report

Respage helps property managers around the country engage residents and drive sales. But did you know that our 4Mindshare division can help associations be just as successful? CAA Los Angeles, a division of the California Apartment Association, uses 4Mindshare to keep members informed and engaged every day. "We hold eight events a year," says CAA executive director Ryan Minniear. "But as members retweet our blog articles or 'like' them on Facebook, they keep the organization in mind and help us find a new audience." CAA-LA's social media campaign was recently featured in the March 2012 edition of the The Membership Management Report.

Check out the CAA-LA blog, which features 100% unique content.

Whether you're a property manager reaching out to residents or a network of multifamily leaders, Respage and 4Mindshare help you get the most from the social web.


Grow Your Audience By Merging Facebook Pages

Does your property have more than one Facebook Page?

If so, be flattered! It means residents like you. But naturally you want to control your Facebook presence, so the site now lets you merge fan pages with your business page.

Unfortunately, we can’t do it for you. For security reasons, the process has to be initiated by an official property representative.

Here’s how to get the ball rolling:

  1. Go to the fan page. ‘Claim’ the page by clicking ‘Is this your business?’ on the left side of the screen.


  2. In the dialog box, verify that you represent the company, then click ‘Proceed With Verification.’


  3. Enter business details as requested, including address, website, your position, etc. Click ‘Continue.’


  4. To complete the process, Facebook needs to call you. A new dialog box will confirm your phone number. If the information is correct, click ‘Call Me Now.’ When you get the call, listen for a four-digit PIN number.


  5. Enter the PIN number. You’ve now claimed the fan page and should have the option to merge it with your official page.

Be sure to let us know when you merge pages, and if you encounter any problems, we’ll do our best to help.

If It’s Good Enough For You…

4 Walls uses all our own social media services.

As our expert team of writers, account executives and tech support staff maximizes your visibility on the web, they do the same for us. Our proprietary Social Media Management System integrates corporate posts across the major websites, and we make sure that our content is fresh, compelling, and unique.

Our products and solutions work for you, so we couldn’t settle for less.

Facebook Timeline: The Clock is Ticking

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4 Walls Launches New Corporate Site

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