Twitter App Adds Tweet Analytics Details for Select Users

Do your tweets now offer Analytics Details when you view them in the Twitter iOS app?

The social network has long had its very own analytics dashboard available on the website, but some users of the Twitter iPhone app have begun noticing an option to "View Analytics Details" directly from the tweet view in the app. New York Times technology columnist Farhad Manjoo was among the first to notice the change, which is currently available to a sample of Twitter app users.

A blog post on Tech Crunch described the new "Analytics Details" info. On the screen, users can see stats on how many impressions and engagements a specific Tweet has received, along with relevant highlights like retweet, favorite, and click-through rates.

The feature currently seems to be limited to a small number of Twitter app users, but it may be rolled out more widely in the coming months. In the interim, users can also view Tweet analytics at [TechCrunch] [Twitter]

Is Your Property Responding to Reviews on the Most Popular Apartment Review Sites?

Searching online apartment reviews is an important decision-making trigger for most potential renters. As a result, it's a good idea to create an account on the most popular apartment review sites so that you can manage and respond to any reviews that come in.

Not sure where to start? Respage has compiled a list of the most popular apartment review sites with simple instructions on how to set-up a new account. Click here for more information.

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Google Helps Users Respond to Reviews through its Google My Business App

The Google My Business app was designed to make it easy for business owners to stay in touch with customers, directly from a smartphone.

Available for Android and iOS, the app enables users to update business info across Google's suite of products. Google recently updated the app to give business owners the ability to see and respond to online reviews. The change was reported in a blog post on Marketing Land, and announced on the search engine's "Google and Your Business" blog.

In a blog post describing the update, Google explained that the change came in response to requests from users of the Google My Business App: "Business users have told us how much customers appreciate a response, so we are also making it possible to respond to Google reviews in the app, along with real-time alerts if you want to keep a pulse on your reputation online." The feature has already been added to the Android version, and it's coming soon to the iOS app.

We recently surveyed multifamily property managers and found that nearly 4 out of 5 of them respond to online reviews on the most popular review sites. The new features on the Google My Business app could make it easier for property managers to respond to online reviews.

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Reviews Are Front and Center on Facebook’s Newly Launched Places Directory

Step aside, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare. Facebook has quietly rolled out a new feature, Facebook Places, with the goal of bringing together the best parts of all three services — information on your friends' activities, reviews, and geolocation data — all in one.

Using the search bar on the landing page of Facebook Places, type in the name of a city. It will display six categories, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Cafes, Public Attractions, and Art and Entertainment, populated with photos posted by your Facebook friends and others who've visited places in that city. Reviews are front and center on Facebook Places. Each photo is annotated with review stars along with excerpts of reviews, an aspect that experts say may eventually give users less of a reason to visit more traditional review sites.

The blog Search Engine Land describes Facebook Places as the result of various aspects of the Facebook platform, including demographic and interest data, business pages, and geolocation capabilities, being integrated into one powerful feature, tailored to each individual user. And, given that the information is shaped by likes, ratings, and reviews left by friends — rather than reviews written by strangers on Yelp and TripAdvisor — the search results are viewed as more meaningful and useful.

But one advantage that Yelp has over Facebook Places — at least for now — is the vast number of review categories it offers, including apartment communities. Experts say it's just a matter of time, though, before Facebook Places expands beyond its current six categories, which could include reviews on everything from apartment communities to dry cleaners to dog walking services.

Facebook Updates News Feed Settings

Want to streamline your Facebook News Feed?

The social network recently announced some new features intended to give users a bit more control over the platform's most popular feature. Facebook's News Feed gathers updates from people you've friended and Pages you've followed, arranged by Facebook's algorithms. Last Friday, CNN reported that Facebook had begun rolling out some new News Feed features to make it easier for users to ignore certain updates and to unfollow people and Pages.

According to a post on Facebook's newsroom blog, the new features aim to offer "more ways for you to control and give feedback on your News Feed." For example, News Feed settings now display a list of the top friends, Pages, and Groups you've seen in your Feed for the past week, and make it easy to unfollow users whose updates you no longer wish to see. (An "Unfollowed" list lets you re-follow them if you change your mind.) Another new feature is meant to help make your News Feed more relevant by giving you the option to see fewer updates from a person or Page when you hide a particular story.

The new controls are already available on Facebook's desktop site, and they're rolling out to mobile versions over the next few weeks. Click here to find out more about Facebook's new News Feed controls.

Google Updates Its Search Algorithm with Panda 4.1

Google's search algorithm is almost constantly changing. One of the search engine's most recent changes, termed Panda 4.1, went into effect at the end of September, announced on the Google+ page of Pierre Far, and shared by Matt Cutts, the Googler in charge of web quality, web spam, and search optimization. The original post notes that the update affected somewhere between 3% and 5% of search queries, often improving the rankings of some smaller sites with high quality content.

A post on The Moz Blog describes how the changes affect some search results. According to the post's analysis, sites which benefited most from the change featured trustworthy, insightful original content written by experts. On the other hand, sites without this kind of content have often seen their results adversely impacted. (Click here to see more details on The Moz Blog.)

Some online marketers have collected suggestions about how to keep Panda 4.1 in mind when creating useful content. A recent article on Marketing Land, for instance, suggested that online marketers should consider creating more high quality content to help make every page of a site useful for visitors, in a way that aligns with the suggestions offered in Google's own Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

"Panda update rolling out" [Google+]
Panda 4.1: The Devil is in the Aggregate [The Moz Blog]
How Google's Latest "Panda" Algorithm Should Change Your Content Strategy [Marketing Land]

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Google Inbox Promises to Be the Solution to an Overcrowded Inbox

Google Inbox, Google's new email app and successor to Gmail, debuted October 22 with a new approach to email messaging. Intended to be "the inbox that works for you," the app—available for Android and iOS—is similar to Gmail, but with a few new key features that help make email less burdensome. For example, messages with a similar subject are automatically bundled together, and high-priority messages are highlighted, helping prevent them from becoming lost in the fray. You can even add reminders to your Inbox, snooze messages with a quick swipe of a finger, or assign a "low-priority" label to certain messages and senders.

If you're a current Gmail user, you can test out the app for yourself by requesting an invite on the Google Inbox website. If you have a friend who's a current Inbox user, he or she can send you an invite, as well.

Learn more about Google Inbox on the Google blog and the app's official website.

Most Multifamily Property Managers Respond to Online Reviews, Study Shows

When it comes to online reviews, the majority of multifamily property managers say they respond. This is according to a recent 4 Walls survey of almost 300 multifamily property managers across the country.

Seventy-eight percent of survey responders say they write replies to reviews on many popular review sites. And, of those, 67 percent said they reply to all reviews. Only 3 percent said they respond to positive reviews only, and about 15 percent said they respond to negative reviews only.

The review sites that respondents most frequently reply to are, and Google+ Local. Other popular industry review sites that are used are,, and

Another study suggests that responding to reviews is important – potential tenants tend to check review sites before renting, and they have a favorable impression of property managers who respond to all reviews.

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