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Facebook’s ‘Get Notifications’ Feature

‘Liking’ doesn’t guarantee that Facebook followers will see all your posts. But don’t worry, there’s a way for your biggest fans to stay in extra close touch: the ‘Get Notifications’ feature. It ensures that every post you make appears in a user’s newsfeed and notifies them when your page is updated.

But not all your followers want to to see every post, and many don’t want lots of notification emails. Still, encourage interested residents to sign up — it’s a great way for them to keep up with community news, neighbors, and management.

To enable this feature, simply navigate to the Facebook Page you’ d like to follow, then click on ‘liked’ and select ‘Get Notifcations’ from the dropdown menu.

Clean Up Your Facebook Newsfeed

Every Facebook newsfeed gets cluttered.

Maybe it's Aunt Zelda's knitting pictures, or a professional association posting 'helpful' inspirational quotes. You want them in your friends list, but you can't deal with the content.

There's now a tactful solution. Go to an offending post's drop down menu and click 'I Don't Want to See This.'

That's it. The friend has been banished from your feed, but they're still a friend. You're free to go their page and interact with them as you please, and they won't know you muted them.

The feature should roll out to everyone in the next few weeks.

Claim Your Custom URL on Google+

Google+ now offers custom URLs.

If you've had a page (with profile picture) for at least 30 days and have at least 10 followers, a custom Google+ URL is probably available to you. Click here for more information.

Facebook Has a Long Memory

We've all thought twice before posting on Facebook.

Maybe you're sick and tired of a competitor's behavior, or you want to tell Uncle Mike what you think of his politics. The comment is on the screen, ready to go, pithy, cutting, memorable…

…and a bad idea. So you hold off, saving yourself the embarrassment.

But Facebook remembers. The site collects data as you type, then analyzes users' 'self censoring' behavior.

According to Australia's Sydney Morning Herald, the technology is little different from Gmail's automatic draft backup. But where Gmail locally saves information for the user's benefit, Facebookers get nothing.

They also don't know it's happening. While Facebook's Data Use Policy says that the site collects information when you 'view or otherwise interact with things,' it has no provision for posts that weren't made.

Click here to learn what Facebook claims to do with your 'self censorship' and what it means for the site's future.

Managing Apartments.Com Reviews Just Got Easier

What are people saying about your community?

Apartments.com is often the first stop for renters during their apartment search, and reviews are central to their decision making process.

That's why Respage Express now features Apartments.com reviews. Yes, that's right: all your incoming reviews — including Yelp, CitySearch, and Google+ Local — are in one place, beside other social media comments and mentions.

We're proud to partner with Apartments.com in offering this new feature, because just like them, we want to help you get organized, increase your efficiency, and offer more value.

In other words, harness the power of social media without the time commitment. That's what Respage is about.

Want to integrate Apartments.com reviews into your Respage dashboard? Have questions? Just ask us.

Social Media Passwords Leaked Online

Using the same password on multiple sites? Consider changing it.

The BBC reports that more than over two million Facebook, Yahoo, and Google passwords have been leaked online. The information was probably obtained by hackers using keystroke logging malware.

No one knows when the breach occurred, but experts point out that even old information is risky, as many people re-use passwords across multiple websites.

We'll let you know if the story develops, but for safety's sake, we recommend changing your passwords today.

Respage Announces Private Content Library Option

Say your management company offers a new online payment system. Your properties have to pass along the news. Or maybe you've been named the best multifamily housing company in the Upper Midwest. You want to pat yourself on the back, of course.

Respage's new Private Content Library lets you upload articles for your properties to post and it's instantly available on your Respage Express dashboard. You dictate the content, so it's just for you.

It's another option that lets you harness the power of social media without the time commitment — all for just $5 extra per month. Ask us for more details.

Respage Now Incorporates Google+

Respage's reach keeps growing.

We can now publish to your Google+ Business Pages. Just $20 extra per month gives your business a strong Google+ presence, complete with comment moderation.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ — Respage helps you harness the power of social media without the time commitment. Ask us for more information.

Facebook Privacy Policy Changes

Facebook has changed its privacy policy. Again.

The changes enlist you — or your business — to pitch products. Unfortunately there's no multimillion dollar endorsement deal; if you loved the new Beatles reissue or served Pepsi products at your latest event, be careful what you say on Facebook, because your words can appear in a 'promoted' post.

Don't like the idea? Permission is granted when you sign up for the service.

Click here for more on the changes.