New Twitter Profiles Are Here

Those new Twitter profiles we told you about? The ones that bear a striking resemblance to another social network?

They're here.

After months of testing and beta use by elite tweeters, the radical new look is now available to the masses. The changes include a larger font, bigger profile pictures and a wider cover image, as well as a new "pin" feature, enabling sticky tweets atop your page.

It's opt-in for now, but the change will probably be imposed on everyone in the coming months. The new look is thought to be an effort to spike Twitter's engagement level and reassure stockholders.

We'll keep you updated on effects and reaction.

Facebook Is Watching You

Gone are the days when real-time tracking of another human being required an unmarked van, a satellite, and men in dark glasses.

The launch of Facebook's "Nearby Friends" feature allows users to track their friends everywhere.

The feature displays nearby friends on a map of the local area. It promises accuracy within half a mile and works quite well in spaces like airports and train stations, where Facebook encourages you to simply 'walk toward the dot.'

Disturbing? Slightly. But — for now anyway — this is a voluntary and fully opt-in feature that requires your permission before activating. Naturally we encourage your discretion with this feature. Find out more here.

About Those LinkedIn Changes…

Noticed any changes to LinkedIn?

As of April 14 your Products and Services pages are gone, along with customer recommendations on them. Deep (direct) links to the pages no longer work.

Replacing them are Company Updates and Showcase Pages. Company Updates allow you to post general daily updates, and Showcase Pages are devoted to specific products.

Click here for a breakdown of the new features.

Noticed These Google Service Changes?

We've mentioned one of these before, but it's worth repeating.

Be careful what you discuss on your Google account. If you review shoes, music, or anything else on Google+, YouTube, or other Google services, the search giant reserves the right to use your name, profile picture and writing in search results.

Yes, Google wants you to help sell products. Not interested? Click through for instructions on how to opt out.

Noticed strange Gmail activity lately? Google+ users with Gmail accounts can now receive email from anyone who follows them. Yes, anyone. More details can be found here. We haven't discovered an opt-out feature yet. Be warned.

Facebook Business Pages Get New Look & Features

Facebook pages have made some important — if mostly cosmetic — changes in the past few weeks.

Business pages have a new look. Facebook promises that the changes, which apply exclusively to desktop users, will make information easier to find and admins more efficient. An important new feature allows admins to break down contributions by author.

Desktop colors, images, and control functions have also been streamlined to more closely match the mobile version.

Click here for more on the changes.

Notice Anything Different?

Yes, we've made a few changes to Respage Express. Colors have been tweaked. Lines and fonts are cleaner. Buttons look a bit different.

We're always upgrading our features, and felt it was time to modernize our look and feel, too. But don't worry, the update doesn't affect the features you know and love.

Our job is helping you harness the power of social media without the time commitment. As always, we're interested in what you have to say, so let us know what you think!

New Facebook Sweepstakes! Enter to Win an iPad Mini!

To enter the Sweepstakes, Like our Facebook Page and then look for the Sweepstakes tab (image shown below) located on our Facebook Page to enter. Sweepstakes ends April 30th, 2014.

For mobile users ONLY, like our Facebook Page, and then click here to enter!

Twitter’s New Look?

Twitter rolled out its latest homepage design over the past few weeks, making the desktop site look more like the mobile version.

But Mashable says that something more radical may be in the works. An editor there was randomly chosen to test a Twitter profile that looks a lot like Facebook, with a large header photo on the left and recent tweets presented collage-style in the center of the screen.

It might be an experiment that goes nowhere, and we'd guess that such a big change from Twitter's signature clean design would meet big resistance from users. But Twitter is a public company now, and with stagnant user/engagement numbers, they're under pressure to shake things up.

We'll let you know what we hear about more changes.

Facebook Changes Gender Settings

Facebook cares about your identity.

There are many different interpretations of that statement, but this time it's (mostly) good; the social media giant now allows users to identify as genders other than male and female.  Options include 'transgender,' 'intersex,' and 'fluid,' with appropriate pronouns. Facebook worked with LGBTQ organizations to come up with the changes, which they hope will help users be their "authentic" selves.

Users who make the change should study Facebook's privacy settings first, however, and watch out for even more tailored advertising.

Photo Posting Guidelines

It's a fact — posts and sites with photos get more clicks. So please, send us photos!

From model apartments to Halloween parties, images of life at your community will interest prospective residents and keep current ones engaged.

Posting photos takes time, though, so we've prepared these simple guidelines.

  • If you need more than four images posted at once, send them in a Zip or Dropbox file.
  • Only one album upload per week, please. (If you need more, charges may apply.)
  • Need photos uploaded to more than one property page? Please give us 48 hours.

Thanks for your help. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we look forward to lots of sweetheart pictures!