Customer Service Gets Social: Case Study of Accor Hotels’ Pilot Loyalty Program

Recently, Accor Hotels implemented a pilot loyalty program in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. at its Sofitel and Novotel properties that uses social media to learn more about customers.

Employees at those hotels used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to research the profiles of loyalty program members who would soon be staying with them. They then chose a gift based upon their interests, which was presented by the hotel manager to each guest.

Magali Jimenez Bervillé, director of e-commerce North America for Accor explains, “We saw an opportunity to take guest recognition to the next level, to a more powerful level”.

So, what types of gifts did loyalty members enjoy? Depending on their profiles, personality, and interests, Accor offered gifts such as a certificate to drive a Ferrari, a day at the spa, a complimentary night at one of their hotels, VIP hockey tickets, a behind-the-scenes restaurant tour, and an eco-friendly fishing trip, to name a few.

All the information Accor uses to decide what gift to give is public information, and the company only looks at the public profiles of its Facebook and Twitter followers.

You decide: snooping or superb customer service?

Respage: The Conversation Starter

Social media pages should be your community's 'town square,' a place for neighbors to gather, share, laugh and catch up on the latest news.

Respage makes it easier with our new Chit Chat feature, brief posts designed to start conversations and help people make friends. They might invite the audience to share a personal story, answer a riddle, or chime in with local knowledge. The possibilities are endless, and the questions are no more difficult than 'icebreaker' party games.

Chit Chat posts are available to Respage customers as an add-on feature, and two Chit Chat posts per week are just $15 a month, while five are $25 a month. Want to know more? Ask us, and stay tuned for more new features that will keep your residents talking.

Survey: How Do You Manage Your Online Reputation?

It seems like new ratings and reviews sites pop up almost every month, in addition to industry standards like and Yelp.  With all the potential locations for reviews of your apartment community, we want to know how you manage your reputation online. We've tried to keep it as short as possible, and as usual, survey participants get the results for free!   (If you are not a property management company but still want results, please let us know).  To take the survey, click on the link below:

 Ratings, Reviews, and Reputation Management

We value your privacy.  If you share any personally identifiable information in the survey, it will remain completely private.

Thanks for participating, and we look forward to seeing the results!

Five Tips to Enhance SEO & Online Reputation with Social Media

When prospective residents look for you on the web, they want to see an engaging and responsive community — full of amenities and good neighbors, a place that makes them want to put down roots.

Social media not only makes it easy for prospects to find you; it can help ensure that your good name gets better. Click the slideshow below for five tips on using social media to boost SEO and enhance your reputation.

And as always, if you have questions, ask us!


Is Your Social Media Plan Prepared For a Disaster?

Hurricane Sandy decimated the northeast, causing historic property damage and knocking out power to 2.5 million customers in New York and New Jersey alone. As the storm moved up the coast, mobile social media was the only information channel available to many of those in its path; and as flooding, fuel shortages and transportation issues remained in effect, social media was a primary way to get vital information in real time.

The National Weather Service, FEMA, state and local authorities, transit agencies, and schools used social media to communicate Sandy's progress and effects. During the storm, Instagram users uploaded over 1 million photos with Sandy-related tags, likely making it the single most documented event in site history. When ConEd restored power to much of Lower Manhattan, the utility announced it in a series of tweets. Whether it was on desktops, tablets, or smartphones, social media was arguably the best source for Sandy-related information.

This isn't an extraordinary achievement — it was a necessary one. Rather than being a traditional marketing tool, social media has deep, enduring value as an extension of your communication and customer service network. Whether you like it or not, residents look to social media as a direct line to community news and the property management office. The vast majority of Facebook and Twitter comments that we monitor are transactional; questions and service requests, rather than the positive or negative reviews that get so much attention. Residents see your social media sites as doors open around the clock, and retention rates may depend on you being as engaging and responsive as possible.

If disaster strikes, your staff will be on the ground in your community coordinating response. Whether they make updates themselves or work with an off-site social media partner, social media infrastructure helps them stay in touch with residents who may be home-bound or displaced. Property managers are free to focus on clean-up and restoration, secure in the knowledge that their communication base is little different than on a normal day.

Unlike TV or telephones, social media can survive the worst disaster. That means it's essential to make a social media disaster plan. Staying "on the air" isn't just the right thing to do — it reinforces your image as a community that puts residents first.

Hurricane Sandy & Social Media: A Case Study

Respage is a comprehensive social media partner for apartment communities. During Hurricane Sandy, the service allowed clients to focus on residents and property, secure in the knowledge that communication was versatile, constant and stable. For more on how Respage helped clients communicate quickly and effectively during this critical time, click here.

Pinterest Launches Business Accounts

Businesses now have dedicated space on Pinterest.

The image-based social media site now lets businesses identify themselves by name and verify their identities using a hidden line of code. When the code is recognized, verified businesses receive a badge on their Pinterest profiles.

The site has also made it easier for businesses to add Pin It and Follow buttons to their websites, as well as brand-new widgets that showcase their pins.

Finally, Pinterest has launched a business microsite featuring case studies from top brands, as well as business best practices. Learn more here.

Using Photos in Your Social Media

A picture, of course, is worth a thousand words.

But for your social media marketing campaign, all pictures aren't created equal. Most stock photography or clipart falls short because they're designed to have the broadest possible appeal. In other words, it's hard to find photos that speak to your goals, your audience, and tell your story.

Finding the right images takes time — and the money to license them, of course. You could also take your own photographs, but you're still left to figure out what to feature and how to deploy your images.

A few well-placed photos will engage your prospects and give your products and services a tangible personality. Check out this quick primer on how photos can catapult your marketing into the social media stratosphere.

And if you have any questions about copyright issues, click here.

Need to know more? Ask us.


How Can Respage Help Your Community?

Social media is one of the best ways to connect your community with current and future residents in places they already live: online, on Twitter, and on Facebook. Not sure how to get started with social media? Respage can help.

We've got years of experience in the Multifamily Industry and we're eager to use our expertise to help implement your social media initiatives. With features like brand reputation monitoring, content creation, and blog posting, our social media platform can help you engage with residents and prospects online.

Want to learn more about Respage? Check out the slideshow below: