Bring Fall Indoors With These Festive Wreath Tutorials

Who says that a wreath has to hang outside? There are a number of fun and creative ways to make DIY wreaths that bring the beauty of fall indoors, and many of them don’t cost a dime to make. Here are three great wreath tutorials for you to try this weekend at BLVD l Loudoun Station.

DIY Apple Wreath []
While an actual apple wreath would likely be too heavy to hang, this one uses faux apples from the craft store to achieve the same effect. All it takes is some hot glue, a Styrofoam wreath mold and some burlap to hang it.

Glitter Wreath []
If you’re looking for a fun wreath project that the kids can do, too, this one is a great choice. They’ll enjoy cutting out the small leaves from heavy cardstock, and they’ll enjoy it even more once it’s time to sprinkle glitter all over.

Fall Wheat Sheave Wreath []
If you prefer something with a more natural look (and a quicker preparation), this tutorial is one of the simplest you’ll find. Simply gather some dried wheat and tie it together with a piece of oversized ribbon in a fall color, then attach the whole thing to your door (or anywhere else that can use a bit of decoration).

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