Enjoy Old-Timey Toys at Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum

March 15, 2016 | trioonline

Gloria and Herbert Barker spent four decades of their life together amassing the 80,000-plus antique toys and playthings that form the foundation of the collection at the Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum. They joined in the 1960s movement toward collecting childhood items in the hopes that future generations would appreciate them, and their hard work paid off when the museum opened in 1997.

If you've never heard of a Ramp Walker before, that's probably because these toys were created by The Ives Toy Company in 1873. The elephant Ramp Walkers are the oldest toys in the museum, and they slowly tread downhill when you place them on an incline—hence the name. You'll also find impressive collections of Popeye toys, Betty Boop playthings, and the California Raisins characters, not to mention Disney sets, Shirley Temple dolls, and everything in between.

Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum
1188 Highland Avenue
Cheshire, CT 06410
(203) 699-3822

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