When Life Gives You Lemons, Use Them to Clean! Here’s How!

July 26, 2016 | trioonline

Did you know that lemons work as a natural disinfectant, a stain remover, a polish for metals, and so much more? Try these simple cleaning tips using the power of citrus!

  • Scrub your dirty dishes or plastic containers with a recently juiced lemon and a little bit of coarse salt to remove any stains or smells. This also works for wooden cutting boards.
  • Rub some lemon juice on a sponge and leave it in your refrigerator for several hours to remove any odors.
  • Give your microwave a good cleaning by mixing three tablespoons of lemon juice and one and a half cups of water into a microwave-safe bowl. Place the bowl into your microwave and put it on high for five to ten minutes. Then just wipe away any remaining spots with a dishrag.
  • Make your own eco-friendly household cleaner with citrus peels and white vinegar. Simply place citrus peels in a glass mason jar, then pour enough vinegar over top to cover the peels. Let the mixture infuse for two weeks, then strain out the vinegar into a spray bottle!

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