Posh Bagel

October 26, 2017 | sack

444 Castro St
Ste 120
Mountain View, CA 94041

650) 968-5308

From Posh! Great bagels, crepes, and sandwiches!

“Since 1992, The Posh Bakery has been a leading supplier of the highest quality bakery products.  Our products are made fresh daily and delivered seven days a week, everyday of the year, directly to our wholesale customers.  We also have the expertise to manufacture and package frozen bakery items to ship to our global customers around the world.  The Posh Bakery offers a broad range of bakery products from bagels, cream cheese, pastries, donuts, muffins, croissants, cookies, banquet and decorated cakes, pies, breads, frozen products, desserts, and individually packaged items.  Our customer profile ranges from businesses specializing in the food service industry, to retail stores, cafeterias and cafes.  Every customer is important us and no customer order is too large or too small.  We are also the trusted source of many third party companies to perform their private label baking services.“

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