Fill Up on Japanese Ramen at Maru Ichi

July 27, 2018 | sack

When you’re craving something hot and satisfying, look no further than Maru Ichi Japanese noodle house. Ramen is the specialty, and they serve a variety of broth varieties over house-made noodles.

Each bowl is garnished with egg, roast pork, and green onions, and there are extra toppings that you can add to your bowl to customize your meal. The broths at Maru Ichi are rich and complex, and the noodles have the familiar chew of hand-pulled ramen. Plus, the soups are only around $10 for an exceptionally large bowl of food. Maru Ichi also serves a few combo meals if you’re absolutely ravenous, and each includes a bowl of ramen, and a side of rice, sushi, or potstickers. Those huge meals only run you between $11 and $13, but be warned, Maru Ichi is a cash only establishment. They have an ATM on site, but cards aren’t accepted.

Public Domain/Pixabay/takedahrs

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