Enjoy Premium American Fare at Los Altos Grill

May 31, 2019 | sack

Los Altos Grill opened its doors back in the 90s, and over the past twenty years it’s become a local institution thanks to its modern fare and distinctive atmosphere. Regulars say there’s a palpable energy in the dining room — a buzz and sense of anticipation for the meal. 

The kitchen has a reputation for its intense focus and attention to detail, which explains why Yelp reviewers consistently rate meals at Los Altos Grill among the best they’ve ever had. The menu focuses on classic American cuisine with a bit of Southwestern inflection. For example, the restaurant’s signature steak and enchilada platter combines grilled tri-tip with a white cheddar-stuffed enchilada on the side, while the cheeseburger is topped with a scoop of jalapeno-spiced, house-made coleslaw. Looking for something a little more straightforward? No problem — try the slow-roasted rotisserie chicken served with mashed potatoes and gravy, or go for a plate of barbecue ribs with fries.

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