Devour Classic Cajun Food at Crawfish Bros

June 12, 2019 | sack

Since it’s currently crawfish season, now is the perfect time to check out Mountain View’s newly opened Crawfish Bros. The casual eatery specializes in Louisiana-style seafood — or, more specifically, the crawfish boil. This is the type of Southern comfort food that requires you to eat with your hands (but don’t worry, because your server provides the bibs and gloves!)

Start by choosing your combo, from two pounds of seafood and sides to a shareable portion of a whopping eight pounds of seafood. You can pick from options such as the classic crawfish, clams, shrimp, or green mussels. Next, add your chosen sauce. The list contains everything from lemon-pepper and garlic-butter to Cajun and the signature Torpedo sauce. Finally, select a spice level, from mild to hot. Each combo comes with extras like sausage, corn on the cob, and potatoes, but you can always add extra sides of garlic noodles or fries.

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