The bedbugs are coming! THE BEDBUGS ARE COMING!!!

Bedbugs are a growing epidemic in the property management industry due to increased international travel and the pest’s growing resistance to chemical treatments. Ridding an apartment of bedbugs is a hefty expense, and this problem should not be taken lightly. If a tenant has bedbugs, you need to call your property’s pest control vendor immediately to inspect the suspected unit AND the adjoining neighboring units. Bedbugs can move between units quite easily, especially in older buildings. So it is imperative that you make sure these problems are handled swiftly and all encompassing. A bedbug problem that is not handled effectively can quickly become an epidemic in a building and cost an owner thousands and thousands of dollars. Luckily, Castle Management has a staff with plenty of experience handling bedbugs (more experience than we wanted!), but it has molded us into bona fide bedbug extermination planners. So if you have a property that needs some expertise in handling your bedbug or other pest problems, think about hiring a professional property management company. And consider Castle when you do.

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