Drought Compliance

Californians have been tasked with the difficult assignment of reducing 25% of their monthly water usage bill. Of course, this includes all multifamily dwellings too.

Castle Management oversees about 1500 rental units in the greater East Bay area, and we have implemented the following:

1. All shower heads in all units have been reduced to drought-friendly nozzles that distribute 1.5 gallons per minute.
2. All sinks have had aerators installed to lessen water flow.
3. All toilets have been checked for leaks, and inefficient runoff.
4. All landscape watering has been reduced to the state mandated requirement.
5. Education, literature, and tips to save water have been sent to all 1500 rental units.

The price of water has risen sharply, and water conservation is a community problem. Castle Management is happy to do their part, and we hope you will too.

Drought Concerns

You are probably aware that California is enduring a serious drought currently. As Californians, we all need to do our part to conserve the valuable resources. Most multifamily building residents do not pay for their own water, so it is easy to become complacent with water usage. There are several small things that tenants can do to reduce water use that are well documented, but here are a few things specific to multifamily buildings where you can help:

1. Always report a running toilet to your management. A running toilet consumes a lot more water than you would think.

2. Always report damaged sprinkler heads. This problem is a big water-waster.

3. Does your sink/tub drip? We can fix that. Just let us know.

4. We recommend taking brief showers in lieu of baths during this drought period.

If every tenant did these small tasks, California would stand to save a sizeable amount of water in 2015. Do your part to preserve our water.

Having a Chat

It's just a conversation, but it means a lot.

Our property managers sit down with residents thirty to sixty days before a lease runs out. It's a chance to check in: are they happy? What are their plans? What can we do to help them put down roots?

Much of the time it's a formality — they tell us they're looking forward to the new lease. But if we can help them make life a little easier, it often makes a difference. Negotiating a new parking spot, some storage space, clarity on trash pickup — if we can help we do, and that often turns into long-term residents.

Our property managers are neighbors first. That's a big part of the Castle Difference.

The Castle Difference: Maximizing Income

It's Castle's job to manage and grow your business. We want you to get the most bang for your buck while giving residents and commercial tenants a place to put down roots.

If one of our properties is a good spot for a cell tower, we lease space to mobile providers and work with them to ensure safe, unobstrusive construction.

We think that allowing pets is good business sense. If owners agree, pets pay a deposit and a small monthly rent.

Parking is always a premium in California, so we charge for parking stalls above what's guaranteed in the lease.

And since every apartment dweller can use extra storage, we rent storage closets when possible.

Income opportunities. Attention to residents. That's the Castle Difference.

The Castle Difference: Managing Move-In Stress

We try to keep our leases simple and straightforward. They usually run about six pages.

But the law, not to mention circumstances, obligates us to tack on more. Guarantors, roommates, Megan's Law, local ordinances . . . they can make for ten or more pages to read and sign on move-in day, about a 45 minute commitment.

That's a lot. The van might be running outside. Kids need to be settled. Mom and Dad could be visiting. That's why we encourage our property managers to execute documents over two days where necessary.

It lets managers go into detail. What are the recycling rules? How do noise ordinances work? Taking time for the little things makes for good and informed neighbors.

That's the Castle Difference.

Green Landscaping Helps Everyone

At Castle, it’s our job to save owners money. We also make sure our residents have comfortable, beautiful homes.

If we can do it and help Mother Nature, too? We can’t resist.

Several of our properties incorporate bio-swales. These low-lying areas, sprinkled with soil and planted with native vegetation, are designed to keep rainwater out of storm drains and return it safely to the ground. This not only guards against flooding and pollution; it creates a lush garden for everyone to enjoy. To sweeten the view, Castle adds California wildflowers like poppies and lupins.

Bio-swales keep water where it belongs: outside, feeding a natural wonder on the doorstep. It’s all part of the Castle Difference.

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