Bedbug Fines

Been to the movies lately? What about an airport or bus station? Have you stayed at a hotel? 

Then you may have been exposed to bedbugs. Even if just a few of the nasty critters hitch a ride in your sock or suitcase, you probably won't know it — until your home is overrun with them.

Bedbugs are easy to catch, and we're all at risk. That's why it's almost impossible to pinpoint the cause of bedbug outbreaks in apartment complexes. Castle doesn't fine residents for bedbug infestation, because in the course of their daily lives most residents are likely to encounter them. 

This is an evolving issue in the industry, but we think it's best to focus on bedbug prevention and extermination. It's not only the fair thing to do — it protects our clients from costly and time-consuming litigation.



Pool Safety

Swimming pools are a great selling point, and Castle is vigilant about pool safety.

We protect our swimming pools with high fences and lockable iron gates. Prominent signs warn that residents aged 14 and under must be accompanied by a guardian.

Our pool pumps comply with state and federal standards, which make sure swimmers aren't threatened by potentially dangerous suction.

And since a pool is nothing without good water, our maintenance team has all the equipment and expertise they need to keep the water clean, clear, and ready for fun.

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