Take a Walk on the Wild Side at ZooAmerica, a ‘North American Wildlife Park’ in Hershey

July 1, 2017 | desouzabrown

Hersheypark resides in the heart of Pennsylvania, but its ZooAmerica extends to all four corners of North America. The 11-acre zoo sits right next door to Hersheypark, and it's home to more than 200 critters from all across the continent. From Big Sky Country to the Eastern Woodlands, every region is represented.

Head to the Southern Swamps to see alligators, snakes, owls, and turtles. In the Northlands, the Bald Eagle floats majestically from perch to perch, and the Canada Lynx and Gray Wolf prowl around their respective cages. Black bears and bobcats roam (safely caged, of course) in the Eastern Woodlands, and elk, prairie dogs, and mountain lions greet guests in Big Sky Country. Nearby, the Great Southwest is home to ferrets, owls, and a slew of reptiles. Explore the entire ZooAmerica park to meet all of the creatures.

Public Domain/Pixabay/valiya

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