Monday, July 22, 2024

Sushi Sumo: Traditional Japanese Cuisine With a Special Twist

Newark's Sushi Sumo serves classic Japanese dishes in a sleek, contemporary space. You'll find all the typical sushi rolls you expect, like spicy tuna rolls and dragon rolls, but regulars say you should pay special attention to the chef's special sushi menu, which changes each month and features the restaurant's most unique sushi creations. On the special menu you'll find items like spicy crunchy salmon with cucumber and avocado or black pepper tuna with shiitake mushroom. If raw fish just isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Sushi Sumo features teriyaki and bento box menu with lots of delicious cooked options.

No matter what you decide to order, Yelp reviewers note that the Sushi Sumo staff is especially attentive, doing things like offering a warm damp towel to clean your hands, and in one case, actually opening the restaurant half an hour early to accommodate some customers who mistakenly arrived before the restaurant’s official opening time.

Sushi Sumo
2653 Kirkwood Highway
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 366-1188

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