Monday, July 22, 2024

Ramen Kumamoto: Gourmet Japanese Fare Awaits

Chef Sam Ho has served as the sous chef at Morimoto and the owner at Zento Japanese Temporary Cuisine, both located in Philadelphia, so he already has plenty of solid culinary experience under his belt. He shows it off at Ramen Kumamoto, a restaurant in Wilmington that dishes out modern Japanese cuisine.

Unsurprisingly, ramen is the main event at Ramen Kumamoto. It comes in a spate of different preparations, like the tonkotsu. This version teems with natural heritage Berkshire Pork, as well as chunks of roast pork, bamboo shoots, sprouts, mushrooms, chopped scallion, red ginger, and a boiled egg. Thin noodles form the base, along with a savory broth. You can also try something with more heat, like the tan tan ramen. This soup features a spicy chicken broth base, augmented by miso sesame paste and ingredients like minced meat, sprouts, and scallion. Yellow wavy noodles stand in for the thin, straight noodles in the tonkotsu.

Ramen Kumamoto
165 E. Main Street
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 733-0888

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