Farm-to-Fork Fare Awaits at Artisan Restaurant

November 17, 2017 | trioonline

The Garden, The Mill, The Sea, and The Land. Instead of distinguishing dishes by their main ingredient, Artisan Restaurant uses these categories to divvy up entrees on its menu. Sometimes, The Garden and The Land actually refer to Artisan Restaurant's own on-site garden. Other times, they refer to local farms and artisans who enhance the bounty with items from their own fields and kitchens.

Although this eatery just opened on September 7th, it really already has the farm-to-table thing down since it's the third Artisan Restaurant in the area. This one is located on the ground floor of the Delamar in West Hartford, offering freshly harvested fare that's inspired by New England's bounty and European culinary techniques. Although the menu changes all the time to reflect the current season, you can always expect a lineup of upscale seafood, steaks, and plant-based dishes.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Free-Photos

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