Get Crafty: Learn Embroidery From These 2 Online Tutorials

April 17, 2014 | greystar

Embroidery used to be something that you associated with your grandmother, but lately it’s become a popular hobby for young people, as well. There are a wide variety of fun, cheeky embroidery projects floating around the Internet, and these simple online tutorials will show you how to get started creating your own silly embroideries.

Embroidery 101! [Instructables]
This fun Instructables course uses simple, easy-to-follow guidelines to show you the very basics of embroidery. It offers high quality photos of each step along the way, and it also provides a detailed list of the tools you’ll need to make the process as convenient as possible. The Embroidery 101! lesson even shows some humorous and hip designs as inspiration for your project.

Start Stitching! A Beginner's Embroidery Tutorial [Pretty Prudent]
Pretty Prudent is another wonderful online embroidery website. The site’s tutorial shows you how to sketch a simple design onto your embroidery hoop and fabric, and then how to properly stitch and execute the design. It also provides links to DIY embroidery ideas for other designs.

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