Go Texan Restaurant Round-Up at Carmelo’s: Taste Texas Ingredients in Every Bite

Go Texan Restaurant Round-Up celebrates the bounty of the Lone Star State. It rounds up restaurants interested in serving only locally sourced produce, meats, and wines for the entire month of July. This year, Carmelo's lands on that list. The Austin eatery resides only 2.5 miles away from Lamar Union, so head here before the end of July to sample its fresh Texas take on Italian cuisine.

Kick off your local meal with the lasagnetta, crafted from farro lasagna, burrata cheese, tomatoes, and pesto. Or try the spaghetti simmered in Fall Creek Cabernet and dusted with parmigiano reggiano. Save some room for the sauteed cod with puree of peas or the chicken scaloppine with summer veggies and cauliflower frittata. Dessert also showcases Texas-born ingredients, like the fresh dairy in the ice cream cake (also known as torta gelato). For each course, you can pick a wine pairing. Reds and whites from nearby vineyards are on tap, as is Saint Arnold's Shiner Bock beer.

Go Texan Restaurant Round-Up
Now through July 31
504 E. 5th Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 477-7497

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