Luke’s Inside Out: Sample Inventive Fare at This Local Food Truck

There’s no doubt that food trucks are enjoying popularity right now. They offer a great way for chefs to break into a city’s restaurant scene, and they usually offer a more accessible way for eaters of all kinds to experience new foods. Those who are looking for an excellent food truck in Austin should look no further than Luke’s Inside Out, situated on South Lamar Boulevard.

Chef Luke Bibby is the master of Inside Out’s creations, which are mainly sandwiches and sharable plates. Many of the flavors on this menu are inspired by French cuisine but still have a decidedly American aesthetic, insofar as there seems to be a melting pot of cuisines represented. Spicy Szechuan fried chicken sandwiches stand next to falafel burgers and pulled pork here, giving you plenty of choices. And be sure to check out the specials, which change regularly and always seem to offer out-of-the-ordinary dishes. The next time you’re in the mood for something different, check out this truck next to Gibson Bar.

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