Houndstooth Coffee: From Java to Craft Beer

There aren't many places where you can grab a gourmet cup of coffee and a craft beer in one swoop, which is part of what makes Houndstooth Coffee so popular. Its staff are just as concerned about crafting stellar cups of coffee as they are about sourcing wines and beers that will please your palate.

So when you come to snag a cup of joe, don't be surprised if the macchiato, latte, or classic brewed coffee you get—all made from Counter Culture beans—goes above and beyond your expectations. Also enjoy a fresh croissant or muffin with your cup of joe. If you'd rather indulge in a craft beer, stop by after work and try the Thirsty Planet's Bucket Head IPA or a Brewhouse Brown Ale by Real Ale. There's also a decent list of red and white wines, specialty teas, and more substantial foods to enjoy at Houndstooth Coffee.

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