Keep Austin Weird Festival and 5K 2017: An Oddly Enthralling Competition

Don't be surprised to see some outlandish costumes at the Keep Austin Weird (KAW) Festival and 5K 2017. As its name suggests, the festival embraces the weirdest aspects of Austin. Anyone who is truly dedicated to keeping the city one of the weirdest in the country should wear their oddest ensemble and participate in the 5K.

Whether you're decked out in a patriotic pair of swimming trunks or a superhero's uniform, you're welcome to run, walk, or crawl the 5K for just $27. The Keep Austin Weird Festival offers odd accents at every turn, including the Fun Stops located along the race course. Take a break from the run to slip and slide, chug a fruity drink out of a bag, or complete a quick obstacle course. Once you cross the finish line, enjoy the rest of the KAW Fest, including the live music and sideshow.

Public Domain/Pixabay/maxmann

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