Baguette et Chocolat: A Colorful Parisian Culinary Experience

Baguette et Chocolat creates French pastries that are almost too pretty to eat, but they’re so decadent that you won’t be able to resist. The authentic French bakery and fine pastry shop is located in Bee Cave, Texas, and it features a quaint, modern interior with decorative light fixtures and a few cafe tables scattered throughout.

Baguette et Chocolat gets very crowded around breakfast and lunch times, but the spacious counter area makes ordering fairly efficient. The glass display case shows off the wide selection of intricate French delicacies, from almond croissants to colorful macarons in a variety of flavors. Regulars rave about the freshly brewed coffee and specialty espresso drinks, and croissant sandwiches and crepes make a unique meal.

However, Baguette et Chocolat is best known for its made-from-scratch baguettes baked fresh daily. Head over from Marquis at Barton Trails to try one for yourself.

Baguette et Chocolat
12101 Bee Cave Road
Bee Cave, TX 78738
(512) 263-8388

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