Mourayo: Contemporary Greek Fare



You’ll find a lot more than the usual Mediterranean standbys of kebabs and spanikopita on Mourayo’s menu. This is upscale contemporary Greek fare focused on the bounty of the Aegean islands with a modern twist. Rave reviews are bestowed upon the grilled octopus with fava bean puree, the pork loin medallions with figs and almonds, […]

Café Ole: Delightful Mediterranean


What’s not to love about a Mediterranean mezze (tapas) bar that lets you take a taste tour of the culinary delights of the region? Lebanese shawarma, Moroccan tagine, Greek hummus, and Italian risotto are just a sampling of the menu’s itinerary, in which you’re encouraged to order two or three mezzes per person. Cruise by […]

Komi: Reputed Top Restaurant


The sparseness of Komi’s website is as revealing about the award-hoarding restaurant as the overflow of what one reviewer calls the “Komi-worship” by its many fans. The press reports about the Obamas’ date there in 2010 is also suggestive of this small restaurant’s high-altitude reputation. Dinner reservations are taken by telephone one month in advance […]

Cava: Mediterranean Fare


Cava is the latest addition to the burgeoning mezze craze. Mezze is the Mediterranean version of tapas — small, savory dishes ordered en masse and shared with friends – or not.  Diners swear that some dishes are just too good to part with! Fans rave about the lamb sliders, the sautéed calamari, and the Cava […]

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