Improve Your Entrepreneurial Knowledge With These Business Websites

Whether you own your own business or you’re just interested in the ebb and flow of the economy, reading up on business news is helpful for just about every type of person. Though many business publications are dry and difficult to read, these websites present business news in an interesting, accessible manner.

With a simple layout and a variety of business-oriented categories, Inc. is a great website for browsing or reading long-form articles. The startup section provides useful tips and tricks for budding entrepreneurs, providing insight from successful business owners and lists of the most successful industries. Whether you’re interested in salaries, leadership skills, or innovative products, Inc. has a little something for everyone.

Fast Company
Fast Company is an online business magazine focused on innovation in technology, economics, leadership, and design. It is written by a group of successful business leaders who provide helpful insight into establishing and running companies both large and small, and it also features the most creative marketing ideas from innovative brands around the world.

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Explore the World of Science With These 2 Websites

The world of science covers a wide range of areas, from astronomy to geography to biology. Whether you’re an experienced scientist or a student who simply loves science, these fascinating websites will provide hours of video, audio, and text devoted to your favorite subject.

Popular Science
The beloved science magazine Popular Science now has a website with just as much up-to-date scientific news. Here you’ll find the latest information about technology, cars, aviation, space, geology, and a variety of other universally appealing subjects. The Popular Science website also features high-quality video, beautiful photo galleries, and links to interesting blogs that you won’t find in the print magazine.

Science Mag
Science Mag is a science website with a more intellectual tone, covering both the latest news in the science world and new findings from various fields. High-resolution images and exciting podcasts make the site more interactive, and webinars allow visitors to really become a part of the research. Science Mag covers the worlds of medicine, geology, technology, and a number of other subjects, and it even offers aspiring scientists advice for breaking into the field of science.

Create Something Great with These DIY Blogs

DIY-ers know that there’s no shortage of online instructional videos and websites showing you how to make everything from a bed made of wood palettes to your own beaded jewelry. If you’re a crafty girl or guy who loves to build things from scratch, these two creative websites are full of ideas to get your gears turning:

Pretty Handy Girl
Though the name implies that it’s a site for females, Pretty Handy Girl is full of ideas that all types of people will love. From complex home renovation projects to simple arts and crafts ideas, this site will help you make your house look as chic and stylish as a page in a magazine. It also features a peek inside the blogger's toolbox, helping beginning DIY enthusiasts learn which tools are necessary for just about any project.

Makezine is a complete online resource for all things DIY, from project instructions and tutorials to meet-ups with other makers in your area. The main page offers interesting articles about incredible projects that other people have made, as well as the latest news from the DIY world. There’s also a database full of how-to guides, video tutorials, and even categories dividing projects by various subjects. Whether you’re a recreational DIY-er or an amateur inventor, Makezine has something for everyone.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Tablet

You’re ready to buy a tablet that allows you to access all your email, social media outlets, and favorite websites while on the go, but which one to buy? Check out these five solid tips for selecting a tablet that will fit all of your needs.

1. Think about what you want it for.
Will you mostly be checking email and Facebook and playing the occasional game? Or do you intend to do some serious work on your tablet? Figure out how much you’ll use it for and choose a tablet that can sustain it.

2. Mind the app.
If you’re a lover of all kinds of apps, chances are you’re going to want a tablet that caters to this need. If you’re pretty slim on the apps you use, look for a tablet that doesn’t overwhelm you with options.

3. Size matters.
Think about how comfortable you’ll be carrying a tablet around, and make a choice based on that. If you want a bigger screen, it might weigh more, so decide if you’re comfortable with that.

4. Read reviews.
The best way to make an informed shopping decision is to get all the information up front. Check out as many reviews as you can before you buy to make sure you know what you’re getting.

5. Consider space and memory.
If you want to do lots of multitasking, downloading and uploading images and docs, then you’ll need to think about the space and memory on the tablet you buy.

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5 Facts About Dreams You Probably Don’t Already Know

While people over the age of ten have four to six dreams per night, it's said that we forget 90% of our dreams within 10 minutes of waking up. (The average person can have up to 2,190 dreams a year!) Here are five more facts about dreaming that might just surprise you.

1. We dream during periods of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep that last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. During this time, our bodies are essentially paralyzed to keep us from acting out our dreams. (In rare cases, a person is able to lash out during their dreams.)

2. Only the faces of people we've seen in real life enter our dreams. Our brain's can't "invent" faces, so every face you encounter in a dream is one you've seen before, either intimately or in passing.

3. Most people are unable to read or tell time while dreaming. 

4. Some people can control their dreams through a practice called lucid dreaming.

5. According to a study, 12% of people dream in black and white. Most of these dreamers are over 55 years old, so it's said that their relationship with black and white televisions influences their dreams.

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Visit These 5 U.S. Amusement Parks

If you're a thrill-seeker, satiate your need for speed with a visit to one of these top five amusement parks. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy any of these great attractions. It's a great way to de-stress from every day life while riding rides, eating junk food, and exploring fun filled gift shops. 

Cedar Point
Located in Sandusky, Ohio, this popular amusement park is home to 17 different roller coasters and dozen more rides. Little kids will have a blast at Camp Snoopy meeting all their favorite Peanuts characters. 

This Elysburg, Pennsylvania, park may not have all the big rides as some more mainstream parks, but it's full of nostalgic fun. There is no admission to the park. Just buy your tickets and go on as many, or as little, rides as you like. Make sure you go on at least one of the two classic wooden coasters. 

Busch Gardens
Located in historic Williamsburg, Virginia, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. Great roller coasters, a water park, animal displays, and history are all available. Spend one day riding all the great rides and another traveling back in time to Colonial Williamsburg. 

Hershey Park
Do you love chocolate and roller coasters? Take a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, one of the sweetest towns in the U.S., to see how this popular chocolate is made at Hershey's Chocolate World. Then, fasten your safety belts on the Great Bear and Fahrenheit rollercoasters. 

Disney World
When you think of Amusement Parks, Disney World is probably at the top of the list. It's one of the most famous theme parks in the world. The Orlando, Florida, location is four parks rolled into one. Seek out all the characters in Magic Kingdom or explore movie magic at Hollywood Studios. 

NEW PLAYGROUND at Fort Myer Heights Park!

Cook Food to Its Safe Minimum Temperature

It's important to cook items to the proper temperature to prevent food borne illness, but it gets confusing keeping all those numbers straight. Check out this guide for the correct temperatures! 

  • Using a food thermometer is the best way to verify the correct temperature. You can't always tell if meat is done just by looking at it, even ground meat.
  • Some meats, like steaks, chops, roasts, fresh pork, and fresh ham, need extra resting time after they have been cooked, so that the temperature can continue to rise and kill harmful bacteria.
  • It's also important you cook to eggs to the proper temperature, but using a thermometer in scrambled eggs doesn't work. Just make sure the whites and yolks are firm before enjoying.
  • With some seafood, you can tell if it is fully cooked by looking. Clams and oysters should be cooked until the shell opens up. Shrimp, lobster, and crab need to be cooked until the skin is opaque. 

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