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Tips To Help You Stop Procrastinating

Sometimes we all find ourselves procrastinating when it comes to getting things done. Who can blame us for putting off our work in this age of facebook, email, twitter, and oodles of other digital and technological distractions? But if you’re finding yourself procrastinating to the point where its interfering significantly with your productivity, then here are some tips to help you get back on track:
Keep Perspective
Studies have shown the one of the main reasons people procrastinate on a given task is because they blow it out of proportion. If you build up a task in your head as a major undertaking that will require a Herculean expenditure of effort, you are likely to get overwhelmed and then shrink away from completing it. In other words, the more you put off doing a task because you’re worrying about its difficulty and magnitude, the harder the task will become – and the cycle of avoidance will continue. Make sure to calm down and keep perspective on the task before you allow yourself to worry so much that you can’t even begin tackling it in a timely manner.
Just Start
Rather than focusing on how many arduous steps are ahead, just take the first one. If you project too far into the future, you might scare yourself away from making any effective initial efforts. Your best bet is to stay mentally in the present, one step at a time, and not fret too much about the bigger picture. So, even if you don’t really know where things are headed, or how you will manage to make the whole journey, it is crucial to just start from wherever you are. 
Nip Fear in the Bud
One of the most common causes behind procrastination is the fear of failure, the worry that if you start a task or pursue a goal you might not be able to achieve what you hope. Many procrastinators find it easier to live with the “someday” mentality than to take the chance of failing at making “someday” a reality. This can be crippling. Don’t allow yourself to live with regrets and a lack of fulfillment because you want to avoid examining the fear issue. If you look at it directly, verbalize it, and work through it, this can be one of the most powerful tools in your anti-procrastination arsenal.
Seek Help When Needed
If you’re procrastinating because you truly don’t know how or where to begin, then don’t hesitate to seek help from people who might be able to guide you toward a good start. Reaching out when you truly need it can make all the difference for you when it comes to effectively surmounting a task that seems impossible. Seeking help can mean reaching out to helpful sources as well as people – researching a task or goal on in the internet or at the library, for instance. If you’re armed with knowledge, the task is likely to feel less harrowing.
First Thing In the Morning
Studies have shown that tackling a dreaded task or obligation first thing in the morning can sometimes be the best tool against procrastination. Rather than avoiding the task all day and letting the discomfort of that avoidance hang over you, consider making a point of diving right into what needs to get done as soon as your feet hit the floor each day. 

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Classic Cartoon Characters

The history of animation has featured thousands of unique and charming characters, but to make the list of the best is a tough prospect. Here are some of the most influential and interesting cartoon characters of all time:

Mickey Mouse
Walt Disney had ventured into the world of animated shorts several times before he made Steamboat Willie, which featured the first appearance of Mickey Mouse, but once he drew those iconic ears he knew he had something special.

Bugs Bunny
Created by Tex Avery and other animators at Warner Brothers, Bugs provided an aggressive, fast-paced alternative to the Disney style. His shorts helped define the rhythm and look of American animation for decades.

Fred Flintstone
The Hanna-Barbera formula may have played itself out over the decades, but the Flintstones opened the door for animation during prime time, taking inspiration from The Honeymooners and transporting it back to the prehistoric era.

Created by Art Clokey, the genial green clay boy showed that animation isn’t just drawings on paper. His adventures in a fantastic world helped advance animation into a new generation.

Bart Simpson
Matt Groening’s long-running prime time cartoon has become one of the world’s universal cultural touchstones, and the wise-cracking Bart fits perfectly in the lineage of characters we’ve established here.