Three Awesome Craft Ideas for Washi Tape

Washi tape is beloved by craft enthusiasts because it’s easy to use, comes in a number of adorable patterns, and is completely temporary. If you want to incorporate washi tape into your crafting, here are three fun DIY projects to get you started.

Washi Tape Shelf Edging [Aunt Peaches]
This is possibly the simplest craft project that you’ll ever do. In just minutes, you can make a plain old bookshelf look chic, feminine, or even a bit edgy by simply applying washi tape to the front of each shelf. Just choose the pattern that best suits your design scheme and start sticking.

Washi Tape Switchplates [Crab and Fish]
Improving your home with washi tape is easy, especially if you seek out forgotten decorating possibilities such as updating your lighting switchplates. The hardest part about this project is lining up the pattern so that everything looks uniform, but the process is still incredibly easy—even the most novice crafter!

Giant Geometric Washi Tape Jewels [Curbly]
These giant geometric washi tape jewels aren’t for the faint of heart, but they are a whole lot of fun for fans of home decor with a bit more personality. Make a few jewels in different colors, or use neutral washi tape to create a more subtle effect that still has a whole lot of bling.

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