Beat the Heat with Treats from Bianco Gelato

If you’re looking for a delicious way to beat the Miami heat, duck in to Bianco Gelato for a tasty, frozen treat. This popular local gelato shop offers authentic Italian gelato that has a richer consistency and denser flavor than traditional ice cream, so you’ll only need a small scoop to really get the full experience. You’ll find tried-and-true flavors like chocolate, vanilla and stracciatella, as well as more unique options like fig, hazelnut and coconut.

Each type of gelato is made with organic, non-GMO ingredients that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating, and there are even sugar-free and non-dairy, vegan options for those with restricted diets. Spice up your gelato with a Bianco cup topped with homemade whipped cream and cookie crumbles, or grab a frozen pop if you’re looking for a handheld treat. With a hip, stylish décor and friendly service, there’s a lot to enjoy at Bianco Gelato.

Bianco Gelato
3137 Commodore Plaza
Miami, FL 33133
(786) 717-5565

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