Break a Sweat at SolBox Fitness Club

SolBox Fitness Club in the heart of Little River offers far more than your average gym. This fitness club specializes in boxing, offering boxing circuit workouts for beginners to seasoned fighters, personal training, and a variety of fitness classes.

Classes beyond boxing include: ab lab for the hardest abdominal workout you’ll do all week and lean machine fitness and body rock for a mix of calisthenics and strength conditioning. Apparently the instructor is also a DJ, so the music is on point every class. They also offer one-on-one personal training for weight loss and boxing competition.

According to members, the best part about the gym is the staff. They say you’ll never feel more motivated, challenged and safe all at the same. This is all proven by results, which all regulars say you’ll see after only a few short weeks training here. If you’re a first time visitor, try their 30 days for $49 special, you won’t be disappointed.

SolBox Fitness Club
7101 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33150
(305) 759-7685

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