Don’t Miss the Fresh Pita at Apeiro Kitchen and Bar

Truffled scrambled eggs over a golden-brown toasted bagel, with a small salad on he side. Sweet potato hash mixed with chorizo, charred red pepper, and caramelized onion, an egg on the side. A "gazpacho Bloody Mary" with freshly squeezed lime juice, gorgonzola olives, a stuffed piquillo pepper, celery, and citrus-y salt. These are just a few of the brunch dishes and drinks that make Apeiro Kitchen and Bar such a popular spot on weekend mornings.

However, you can also come for dinner to indulge in the contemporary Greek fare. Start with a few small plates, like the "balloon"—a dish of house-crafted pita bread served simply with olive oil, balsamic, and some sea salt. Or dig into a smorgasbord of Apeiro spreads, including hummus, pistachio yogurt, and eggplant caponata with the fresh pita. Then move on to the main event: a kabob packed with lamb kefta or beef sirloin, seared wild salmon, roasted branzino, or a juicy steak.

Apeiro Kitchen and Bar
3252 NE 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33137
(786) 800-5389

Find Ravioli to Rave About at Osteria Vecchio Piemonte

For fans of Italian fare in the Miami area, Osteria Vecchio Piemonte is a can’t-miss dinner locale. This well-known Italian eatery has a luxurious yet laid-back ambiance that will make you feel right at home, but it also creates a celebratory feeling that’s perfect for special occasions. There are no bad seats in the house, as all of the comfortable wooden dining tables are covered in white linen tablecloths and immediately topped with complementary plates of bruschetta made with fresh, crusty bread. Once you settle in to the cozy dining room, choose from the exceptional menu filled with dishes like seasonal ravioli, caprese salads and Italian sausage served atop homemade polenta. No Italian dinner would be complete without a glass of red wine, and the dessert menu includes favorites like tiramisu and affogatos, which are the perfect ending to any meal.

Osteria Vecchio Piemonte
10480 SW 72 Street
Miami, FL 33173
(786) 542-5178

Diced Does Fast Food Differently

Diced hasn't been open in Miami for very long, but already it's catching the eye of local eaters. That's because the new eatery's brand of fast food isn't really like the greasy burgers and fries most of them have come to expect. Instead the spot dishes out chicken quinoa bowls, brown rice loaded with tender steak, and other comparably healthy eats.

Its regular patrons appreciate the nutritious options, especially when juxtaposed against the fatty, salt-laden alternatives at other restaurants, but insist that the healthy fare still has plenty of flavor. Diced offers a few signature sauces that really amp up the taste factor in each of the dishes, from the chicken bowl with tons of colorful veggies to the steak wrap. So if you're looking for something full of color, flavor, and plenty of nutrients, consider swinging by Diced for lunch or dinner.

2342 SW 67 Avenue
Miami, FL 33155
(786) 773-2190

Mr. and Mrs. Bun: Don’t Miss the Blueberry Ketchup

Short ribs. Pork belly. Barbecue chicken. They're all standard sandwich stuffings at Mr. and Mrs. Bun, a Peruvian sandwich shop in Miami that does things a bit differently. Instead of just offering typical bread-bookended eats, it dishes out some authentic Peruvian fare (think asado sandwiches and spinach empanadas), as well as inventive new American creations.

Have you ever tasted a dollop of sweet-tangy blueberry ketchup? If the answer is no, then you're missing out on one of Mr. and Mrs. Bun's most condiments. Try it with the signature sweet potato fries or squeeze it right on top of your boneless buffalo wing sandwich. Save some room for one of the eatery's sweet treats, too, like the Nutella mason jar—it's decadent enough to sate even the most persistent sweet tooth.

Mr. and Mrs. Bun
15572 SW 72 Street
Miami, FL 33193
(786) 717-6244

Taste Japanese Food in Miami at NAOE

NAOE Miami is a laid-back and modern Japanese dining establishment located on stunning Brickell Key Drive in Miami, Florida. The eatery is run under the guidance of Kevin Cory, an acclaimed chef who specializes in Japanese fare. Diners who are in the mood to nosh on classic Asian cuisine are sure to appreciate a meal at NAOE Miami. Seafood and sushi are two big focuses at the eatery. The decor has a subtle, streamlined and simple feel that's simultaneously attractive and "no frills."

Several examples of the delectable foods that are available on the NAOE Miami menu include mushrooms and sweet rice, marinated freshwater eel, liver of the monkfish and Maine lobster. A wide selection of sushi options are served at the restaurant, too, from unagi (eel) to uni (sea urchin) and beyond. When people are finished dining on their meals at NAOE Miami, they can also check out the dessert menu. The dessert menu consists of a variety of tasty and sweet Japanese-influenced favorites. These desserts include ice cream, Japanese spongecake and fresh fruit.

661 Brickell Key Drive
Miami, FL 33131

Bite Into a Patacon at the Colorful Tacos and Tattoos

Within its first two months of business, Tacos and Tattoos racked up more than 150 reviews—a feat some restaurants don't accomplish over the course of their entire lifetime. The trending eatery doesn't actually double as a tattoo parlor, though. Despite the name, the latter half of "Tacos and Tattoos" actually seems to refer to the contemporary art on the walls. Many of the pieces look ready to be stenciled right onto a bicep, like a skull outlined in a rainbow of colors.

Don't get so distracted by the artwork that you forget to order, though, because the fare at Tacos and Tattoos is just as colorful as the atmosphere. Regulars highly recommend the patacon, a flattened and fried plantain topped with your choice of meat, cheese, and a signature sauce. Tacos also land on the menu, of course, as do desserts such as the popular fried Oreos with ice cream.

Tacos and Tattoos
10720 SW 113th Place
Miami, FL 33176
(786) 803-8316

NIU Kitchen: Inventive Tapas Loosely Based on Catalan Cuisine

Inspired by the Catalan cuisine of Spain, the chefs at NIU Kitchen create a type of tapas all their own. They pull from classic cuisine, but put a contemporary spin on everything that comes from the modern kitchen. So if you're craving something slightly unusual, and you've rounded up an entire group to chow down, head to NIU Kitchen for inventive tapas.

The Ous small plate comes highly recommended, piled with poached eggs, jamon Iberico, summer black truffles, and the ever-popular truffled potato foam. Locals also like the wahoo tartare with cucumber, lime zest, and scallions. Steak tartare with a fried egg, Maine lobster with avocado and trout roe, and Catalan-style rice with seafood are also on the list of small plates. If you prefer your own full-sized dish, order the grilled NY strip steak in a rosemary vinaigrette or the baby back ribs with romesco sauce. Wash down your meal with a glass of robust red wine.

NIU Kitchen
134 NE Second Ave.
Miami, FL 33132
(786) 542-5070

Don’t Skip the Signature Burger at DB Bistro Moderne

Located within the posh JW Marriott Marquis hotel in downtown Miami, DB Bistro Moderne serves contemporary French fare under the watchful eye of Daniel Boulud, a James Beard Foundation award-winning chef.

We could go on and on about the restaurant's sleek, modern decor — Miami's take on a traditional Parisian bistro — but instead, we'll cut right to the chase and tell you what to order: the Original DB Burger. Because even though the menu at this upscale restaurant centers around French cuisine, it's the eatery's signature cheeseburger that has tongues wagging. Nestled within a parmesan bun, a sirloin and braised short rib patty reveals a decadent surprise at its core: a mouthful of foie gras. Diners say it's not merely a burger; it's an experience.

The Original DB Burger is served at DB Bistro Moderne during lunch and dinner. Follow it with another creation signature to the restaurant: the crunchy chocolate bar.

DB Bistro Moderne
JW Marriott Marquis
255 Biscayne Boulevard Way
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 421-8800

Zuma: Don’t Miss the Japanese-Style Brunch at This Chic Miami Eatery

Zuma gives new meaning to "dinner with a view." Not only is the food (contemporary Japanese) presented artfully on the plate, Zuma's position overlooking the Biscayne Bay promises an eyeful of luxury yachts gliding through the bay's emerald waters.

So whether you're arriving for the food or the people-watching, this upscale eatery in Miami's Epic Hotel probably won't disappoint — unless you forget to make a reservation, that is. Tables at Zuma are booked months in advance, especially for the restaurant's Sunday brunch. This all-you-can-eat affair transforms Zuma's dining room into a smorgasbord of Asian cuisine. Expect seafood-centric dishes, a selection of sushi and sashimi, robata-style plates, and, for dessert, a sculptural presentation of sorbet, tropical fruits, and sweets signature to the restaurant.

Epic Hotel
270 Biscayne Boulevard Way
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 577-0277

Try Mofongo at Jimmy’z Kitchen in Miami

If you’ve never had mofongo, Jimmy’z Kitchen in Wynwood might be the best place to try it in South Florida. According to the Miami New Times, this place has “best mofongo in Miami.”

Mofongo is a Puerto Rican cuisine specialty, made with mashed fried green plantains, spices, and flavorful meat in a tomato based sauce. Regulars recommend the churasco mofongo, or have it with creole shrimp. Jimmy’z serves more than just mofongo, as the wide menu accommodates many tastes with numerous traditional sandwiches and salads. Try the steak sandwich or the fajita salad. If you want to treat yourself to a sweet treat, go for the guava cheesecake.

Jimmy'z Kitchen
2700 N. Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 573-1505

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