Craft Websites to Inspire Your Creative Side

Have you ever looked at something in a store and thought, “I could make that”? If you’re an aspiring DIY-er or you already love to make things at home, there are a large number of websites to help you find project inspiration. These clever DIY blogs are some of the best.

Martha Stewart’s The Crafts Department  
There’s no one better to take craft advice from than Martha Stewart herself, and her website’s craft page certainly won’t disappoint. Full of crafting ideas for hosting parties in your home, making jewelry to wear yourself or give as gifts, and even knitting and crocheting patterns, this beautiful website will leave you feeling motivated to make something of your own.

Dedicated to helping stay-at-home-moms or busy mothers “stay busy and creative”, SheKnows is a fun website with information about scrapbooking, sewing, and crafts for the whole family. Decorate your home for upcoming holidays, learn different sewing techniques, and even keep the kids busy with the creative projects you’ll find on this site.  

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