How to Add Texture to Your Decor

Even if you have all of the essential furniture, a room can still feel "off" without the warm, cozy textures that really make a house a home. Here are a few smart tips for adding designer-inspired textures to any space!

  1. Toss in some throw pillows. If your sofa (or your bed) is looking a bit bare, dress it up using a mishmash of throw pillows in varying textures. Luxurious silks, faux furs, and simple cottons are all great options, and don’t be afraid to combine colors and patterns, as well.
  2. Add a blanket. One way to make your room look magazine-worthy is by draping a blanket across a bare surface. Think the arm of a chair, the back of the sofa or the foot of your bed.
  3. Add woodgrain to the walls. Even if you live in a rental, you can add the rustic look of woodgrain to any room in your home by creating a large-scale art piece made of recycled wood.
  4. DIY a tile backsplash. If your lease permits it, adding a tile backsplash is a great way to add texture in the kitchen. There are a number of temporary options that can even be removed when you move out.
  5. Hang curtains. Any interior designer will tell you that no room is complete without some type of window treatment. Make a room feel cozier with elegant curtains hung a bit higher than the window frames.

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