Memorize This Must-Know Kitchen Terminlogy

If you’ve ever encountered a cooking term that you didn’t understand in a new recipe, you know how confusing it can be. From julienne to mince, there’s a whole slew of complicated terminology that seems foreign to the amateur chef. Here are a few simple definitions that will help you with your next adventure in the kitchen.

  1. Braise. Braising involves browning meat or vegetables in a bit of hot fat before cooking them slowly in a shallow pool of liquid. This is a great technique to soften less tender cuts of meat or veggies.
  2. Devil. To devil something, such as an egg, you simply coat it with a hot seasoning like hot sauce or mustard.
  3. Dredge. Dredging means to coat something like meat or vegetables with flour, breadcrumbs, or cornmeal.
  4. Flambe. This term is usually found in more gourmet recipes. It involves sprinkling a food with a liqueur and lighting it on fire before serving.

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