How to Style a Coffee Table Like the Pros

The coffee table may seem like a fairly standard piece of furniture found in any home, but by using a few designer-inspired home decor tips, you can transform yours into a statement piece that ties the whole room together. Try out these DIY decorating ideas made especially for your coffee table.

  1. Add a stack of books. Coffee table books got their name because they were designed for, well, the coffee table, so it only makes sense to use them as such! Place a stack of beautiful books right in the center of your table to provide visual interest and spur conversation.
  2. Place an accent piece on top. Once you stack your books, add something pretty on top, like a great smelling candle or a small figurine. This is also a great place for a lush, green plant.
  3. Add a tray. Next to the stack of books, place an attractive tray to corral small items. Something in clear plastic, natural wood, or chic metallic are all great options.
  4. Place knick-knacks inside. Fill the tray with smaller accent pieces, such as attractive ceramics, a flower vase, or even more candles. This tray can also serve a functional purpose if you use it to store remote controls or hold your keys once you enter the door.
  5. Choose a color scheme. Choose a color scheme such as natural wood and white, or forgo the color scheme for an intentionally mismatched effect.

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