6 Tips for Creating a Fabulous At-Home Bar Cart

Entertaining guests in your home is sometimes more fun than going out. Every gathering needs a well-stocked bar with delicious drinks for folks to enjoy. If your house is where the party is, check out these six great tips for putting together a swanky bar cart that will be the center of attention.

1. Get a great cart.
Depending on your personal style, select a cart that fits your aesthetic, whether it be modern, industrial, or vintage. Make sure the cart has a few different shelves or drawers for holding various accouterments.

2. Select a stylin’ tray.
Find a tray that can be set on top of the cart, so you can prepare a few drinks to walk around and distribute throughout the party. Mirrored trays look swanky, while colorful plastic trays give off fun vibes.

3. Sport a cool decanter.
Bottles of booze are fine, but pouring your liquor into a cool decanter ups your level of commitment to style. Bonus: Label snobs won’t judge your selection; that bargain booze will appear fit for a king being poured from a crystal bottle!

4. It's in the mix.
Make sure you have the basics covered: gin, vodka, and whiskey. If your party craves one liquor over another, make sure it has a place on your cart, along with the appropriate mixers and garnishes.

5. Stock your toolkit.
You have got to have the right drink mixing tools on hand, like shot glasses, stirrers, shakers, and drinkware.

6. Cool it off.
This is important to keep the drinks tasting fresh. Get a bucket or put the ice in a festive bowl with a pair of tongs.

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