100 Montaditos: Small Sandwiches With Big Flavors

January 30, 2015 12:01 pm

There really are 100 Montaditos—or rather, small sandwiches—on the menu at the Bethesda location of this chain restaurant. These Spanish-inspired sandwiches range from simple and savory to over-the-top sweet sandwiches made with chocolate bread.

Order and pay at the counter, and the staff will bring your sandwiches right to you at this casual spot. Many visitors like to come for happy hour on Wednesday, so check times before you head in and you might just score a great deal. Beer and wine are served, and so are pitchers of sangria, perfect for washing down all of those little sandwiches

The lighting is soft, and the ambiance is casual. Several televisions adorn the walls should you want to catch the game. Yelp reviewers note that the dining room fills up quickly, so arrive ahead of peak hours if possible. 100 Montaditos is open daily for lunch and dinner and later on weekends.

100 Montaditos
4922 Elm Street
Bethesda, MD 20814
(240) 396-6875

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Get Acquainted With New Varietals at Vino Volo

January 27, 2015 3:08 pm

Vino Volo serves wine in a relaxing yet vibrant atmosphere on Bethesda Row. Vino Volo's modern design, with wooden floors and wine-themed accents, proves this to be a lively place to bring a date or a small group of friends. Many come to Vino Volo to kickstart a night out on the town with a wine flight and a few bites; some arrive toward the end of the evening to wind down with a nightcap and a dessert. The late-night happy hour offers decent discounts on wines and small bites, so keep it on your radar if you're out after dinner!

Don’t worry if you’re new to wine or uncertain about your flavor preferences, as the friendly staff will be happy to help you with guidance and recommendations. If you find something you like, bring home a bottle from the retail shop.

Vino Volo is known to host special tastings, educational events, and live music. Check the website for the full schedule.

Vino Volo
7243-7247 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 656-0916

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Send the Right Message This Valentine’s Day: Rose Color Meanings

January 23, 2015 12:02 pm

Did you know that there are meanings attributed to every rose color? That vase of roses can convey feelings of friendship, admiration, romance, gratitude, and much more, just depending on the color of the blooms! To help you avoid sending the wrong message this Valentine’s Day, check out this rundown of rose color meanings:

  1. Red. Most people already know that red roses express deep feelings of romantic love. This rich, saturated flower hue is perfect for Valentine’s Day, as it has a dramatic flair that is classic and timeless.
  2. Pink. Pink roses are a great choice for a new relationship or for expressing interest in a new person. This soft and feminine color expresses admiration and happiness, and pink roses are often also given as a token of gratitude or appreciation.
  3. Purple. If you want to express love at first sight or a feeling of enchantment and desire, giving purple roses is the way to do it. This unexpected hue will take your object of affection by surprise this February 14.
  4. Yellow. You don’t have to be in a relationship in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Give yellow roses, which represent friendship and care, to your most trusted pals and spread the love in a more platonic way.

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