Confused About Cholesterol? These Facts Set the Record Straight!

October 24, 2014 12:02 pm

How much cholesterol should a person really consume in a day? Are some types of cholesterol worse than others? There are a number of confusing “facts” floating around about the mysterious topic of cholesterol, and it may seem difficult to decide which ones are true. Here are a few definitive statements that will set the record straight and put you on the right track toward lower cholesterol. (Remember to consult with your doctor for medical advice!)

  1. Women should worry about their cholesterol just as much as men. Although many people think that cholesterol is man’s problem, once women enter menopause it affects them just as much. Menopause causes a woman’s “good” HDL cholesterol levels to decrease and their “bad” LDL levels to increase, which puts them at just as much risk.
  2. Everyone should practice a healthy diet and regular exercise routine to prevent high cholesterol. While being overweight or obese does put you at a much higher risk for high cholesterol, genetics are to blame for many instances of high cholesterol, as well. No matter how thin or physically fit you are, all adults should be concerned with their cholesterol levels.
  3. Whole foods are always better than packaged foods. There are many packaged foods that claim to be low in cholesterol, but they are often filled with other things (such as trans fats) that can also increase your cholesterol levels. Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are always a better choice.

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Chew on These Fascinating Facts About Flavors and Taste

October 17, 2014 12:02 pm

Your friend loves blue cheese, but you can't stomach the taste of it. Ever wonder why flavors appeal to some but not others? It all has to do with taste, and there's a complex science behind it. Read on to find some fascinating facts about taste and flavor:

1) We can process up to five different types of flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and savoriness, which is called umami. All of the taste cells on our tongue can detect every flavor, contrary to popular belief. Other senses, such as smell, taste, and sight, also play a part in taste. Have you ever seen someone hold their nose to finish eating an item they find particularly disgusting? This actually isn't a bad idea. While our tongue can determine if something is sweet, it cannot determine the flavor. (Try the jelly bean experiment to see what we mean!)

2) Genetics and upbringing play a role in taste. Some people have a heightened concentration of taste receptors, which can cause certain foods to seem more flavorful (or unpleasant!) to them than to other people. Taste preferences are largely determined by what foods you ate when growing up, as well. Not only will you become accustomed to Mom or Dad's cooking, you'll develop a nostalgic feeling for the food as an adult, which makes the food seem even more appetizing.

3) You can train yourself to like a certain food. Repeat exposure to a certain food might help you dislike it less. If, for example, you hate tomatoes but continue to force yourself to eat them, after a while it won't become such an unpleasant experience. However, if you really don't like a certain food, it might just be hardwired into your genetic code!

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Lululemon Athletica: Apparel Made for Moving

October 14, 2014 2:22 pm

Lululemon is well known for making high quality, stylish athletic apparel, and this company's Bethesda storefront carries all the latest products and promotions.

Looking for a pair of comfortable cotton yoga pants to wear for your at-home practice? Lululemon has them. Need a chafe-resistant, moisture-wicking athletic shirt for your workout? No problem. Regular customers emphasize how friendly and helpful the store's staff is, especially if you need help deciding what gear will be best for you, or if you’re unhappy with a Lululemon product that you have already purchased. The stock at Lululemon Athletica is updated weekly, so the staff recommends that you add your name to the local email list to stay updated on the latest gear as it comes out.

Bethesda's Lululemon Athletica works to promote a sense of community by hosting a weekly running club. Runners meet at the store and then head out onto Crescent Trail for a group run. Visit the store's website to find out more!

Lululemon Athletica
4856 Bethesda Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 652-0574

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