Little Mama’s Authentic Filipino and American Cuisine: Don’t Miss the Beef Steak

Thin ribbons of beef, seared with whole peppers and chopped onions. This simple recipe culminates in the ever-popular beef steak at Little Mama's Authentic Filipino and American Cuisine. True to Filipino tradition, the dish allows its ingredients' fresh, natural flavors to shine through—no need for tons of added fat or salt. Little Mama's chef takes this straightforward approach to every dish, whether it hails from the Philippines or the U.S.

Taste the proof in another popular dish, the Bicol Express. Name for the region in the Philippines where it originates, the Bicol Express is a coconut-milk-based stew mixed with shrimp paste and teeming with pineapple, pork, and long chilies. The apritada is another traditional stew, but this one features chicken. For something a bit more familiar, you can always go with fried rice, beef stir-fry, or pinoy curry with your choice of pork or chicken.

Little Mama's Authentic Filipino and American Cuisine
2021 N. Mays Street
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512) 244-6262

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