Monday, March 30, 2015

Silvestre Chicken: Rotisserie Chicken

Silvestre Chicken serves tasty rotisserie chicken in a number of DC-area locations, including several in Suitland, Maryland. The chicken's available in whole, half, or quarter chicken sizes. They all come with a side of salsa and tasty side dishes that include Salad, Coleslaw, Rice, Yuca, Black Beans and Fried Plantains. You can also have Fajitas with chicken, steak or shrimp, or mix and match all of the above.

Other dishes include Carnitas Entomadas – steak strips, tomato sauce, peppers, tomatoes & onions, Camarones ala Plancha – shrimp grilled with green pepper, onions & tomatoes, Whole Deep Fried Tilapia, Carne Asada – grilled New York steak, and Whole Grilled Red Snapper. Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Tacos and Sub Sandwiches are also on the menu.

Silvestre Chicken is open every day.

Silvestre Chicken
4812 Silver Hill Road
Suitland, MD 20746
(301) 568-0192

Must-Read Tips for Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Public speaking is a dreaded task that many people hate, and if you’re faced with speaking in public at work or at school, it can put a great deal of stress on your shoulders. These four smart tips will help you to shake your fear of public speaking—and maybe even become quite skilled at it in the process.

  1. Start from the ending. Though this may seem counterproductive, it’s very important to keep your end goal in mind before speaking in public. How do you want your audience to feel when your speech is over? What is your main idea? Once you decide on these things, it will be much easier to stay focused during your presentation.
  2. Simplify. Don’t use big words or elaborate phrases in your speech in an attempt to sound smarter; it will only make you sound flustered and, most likely, make you more nervous. Deliver concise, clear thoughts using basic language.
  3. Tone down your visuals. If you use PowerPoint or another visual aid in your presentation, keep it minimal. You don’t want to rely on reading off of your slides, and neither does your audience.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. The only real way to prepare for public speaking is to get a bit of experience under your belt. Don’t just read your speech in front of the mirror, give a mock presentation to friends, family or close coworkers. This will help you to shake the nerves once the real thing comes around.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May the luck of the Irish be with you! How will you be celebrating today?

The Courses at Andrews: Golf With a View

While there are countless golf courses in the country, not many of them offer the elegance and class that you’ll find from a military base. The Courses at Andrews does just that, as it is located on Maryland's scenic Andrews Air Force Base and military resort.

The course itself consists of three immaculately maintained championship courses boasting 18 holes each, and they each provide their own set of challenges and beautiful views. There are also three practice putting greens where you can work on your swing, two chipping areas, and a driving range right near the course itself. Professional golfers lead the course’s respected golf instructions, and annual tournaments held at the course allow more seasoned golfers a chance to show off their skills.

After you’re done playing, the Courses at Andrews’s club house offers a delicious daily lunch menu to help you refuel.

The Courses at Andrews
4442 West Perimeter Road
Andrews AFB, MD 20762
(301) 736-4595

Have Fun With Your Android With These Funky Apps

Even if you purchased your Android phone for practical reasons, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the fun-filled apps that it offers as well. There are quite a few creative, exciting and even downright silly apps for your Android device, but these two are some of the most popular.

Emoji Keyboard
Have you ever wondered how a tech-savvy friend always sends you those colorful faces and animal icons in each of your text conversations? Those high tech emoticons come courtesy of the Emoji Keyboard, an app that adds hundreds of fun stickers to your current Android keyboard. Insert a pizza slice emoji when you’re making dinner plans with a friend, or even show your significant other how you’re really feeling with any of the many face emojis on the Emoji Keyboard.

Disco Lights
Start a part anywhere that you have your Android phone when you download the rocking Disco Lights app. This app offers a number of colorful lights, patterns and swirls of color on the front screen of the phone, and it plays upbeat dance music to go along with them. Prop your phone up at your next house party, turn on Disco Lights and watch as your living room is transformed into a bright, noisy dance floor.

Rosebud’s BBQ: Capitol Heights Barbecue

Fans of Rosebud’s BBQ have praise for this tasty little carry-out place in Capitol Heights, Maryland.

Hickory smoked ribs, beef, pork, turkey, chicken and fish are what’s on the menu, along with some flavorful sides. The menu is divided into Chicken, Fish, Turkey, Burgers, Pork, and Beef. Get yours in a sandwich, platter with sides, by the pound, or by the slab. Yummy sides are the hallmark of a good barbeque joint and theirs are no different. Choose from Macaroni & Cheese, Collard Greens, Burger Beans – with beef, Potato Salad, and Green Beans. Having a party? You can even have Rosebud's BBQ cater it!

Rosebud's BBQ is open Fridays and Saturdays. Visit its website to learn more.

Rosebud's BBQ
5915 Central Avenue
Capitol Heights, MD 20743
(301) 336-2009

Resources for Entrepreneurs from the Small Business Administration

You’ve always dreamed of owning your own business, but becoming an entrepreneur is a huge undertaking! These helpful articles from the U.S. Small Business Administration can help you figure out whether and how to start your own business.

Is Entrepreneurship for You?
This SBA article discusses both the benefits and pitfalls of becoming your own boss, and it paints a realistic picture of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Read the list of character traits necessary to become a successful entrepreneur, like independence, risk taking and creativity, to determine whether or not you would make a good business owner.

20 Questions Before Starting
These 20 questions will help you decide if you have all of the necessary tools to get your new enterprise up and running. On topics ranging from market research and customer service to sales, pricing, and financing strategies, this list of questions can help you think about the realities of running a business.

10 Steps to Starting a Business
A great deal of planning goes into starting a successful business, and the Small Business Association offers these 10 important steps to take to get your new company off the ground. Including everything from choosing a location to writing a business plan, these informative steps will help you become more prepared.

Happy Presidents Day

Today we take the time to honor our courageous leaders and how their visions have shaped our great country.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing you a sweet day with your loved ones!

Chocolate City Beer: Fill a Growler at This Popular Brewery

Chocolate City Beer is a D.C. brewery with a distinct personality, offering unique beers like the Cornerstone Copper Ale out of a tiny brick building right off of the Rhode Island Metro. Although the interior is small, it only adds to the charm of this urban microbrewery, and the delicious beers more than make up for the lack of space.

Chocolate City Beer is often busy on the weekends when the brewery hosts its weekly free beer tastings and tours, and the knowledgeable owners and staff members are always enthusiastic about explaining a beer’s ingredients or the brewing process. Growlers of beer are also available for $16 during Chocolate City Beer’s weekend tastings, and if you bring the growler back again, the brewery will refill it for just $10.

Although Chocolate City Beer doesn’t serve food, there is usually a food truck parked outside to satisfy hungry beer tasters.

Chocolate City Beer
2801 8th Street NE
Washington, DC 20017
(202) 351-6197