Turn Your Home at Tree Into a Workout Studio With These Simple Tips

Want to break a sweat without hitting up the gym? These simple workout ideas will show you how to create a space for exercise in your own apartment at tree.

  1. Do yoga. With so many online yoga classes and free tutorials, you can get in a complete yoga class right at home. Clear away clutter and extra furniture, dim the lights, and even light a few candles to create that yoga studio atmosphere (even if you’re just in your living room).
  2. Sweat it out with cardio. Start by clearing the furniture out from the center of your living space, and then pop in an instructional workout DVD. If you’re worried about the sound disturbing your neighbors downstairs, do your workout on a thick area rug or a non-slip exercise mat.
  3. Do some strength training. Invest in small-scale strength training equipment to build muscle even without pumping iron. Things like exercise bands, hand weights, and kettlebells are perfect for toning your biceps even in your apartment.
  4. Create a circuit. Many trainers agree that circuit training is one of the most effective types of exercise. Create your own at-home circuit by working with your apartment’s furniture, including step-ups onto a chair, crunches with your feet under the sofa, and sprints up and down stairs.

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