Academy of Natural Sciences: Our Nation’s Most Historic Natural History Museum

The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia is our nation's oldest natural history museum. The museum has built an impressive collection over its nearly 200 years of existence. The staff is committed to researching biodiversity and the environment, and, thanks to their hard work, the museum is continually growing its permanent collections, as well as bringing in visiting exhibits. For a real thrill, check out the living creatures that inhabit the Butterflies exhibit, the Live Animal exhibit, and Outside In. The Academy of Natural Sciences has also replicated many exotic environments in impressive dioramas, and has enthralling displays of ancient bones and bodies in their dinosaur and mummies exhibits. The rotating exhibits often pay homage to well-known scientists and discoveries, or take an up-close look at different species and environments. The Academy is great for all ages, and kids will love all the hands-on activities and live animals! For a more adult experience, visit for a scientific lecture, field study, or monthly group discussion.

Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 299-1000

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