Vedge: One of Philadelphia’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants

If you think vegetarian food is bland and tasteless, you’re about to change your mind. Philadelphia’s Vedge is widely considered to be one of the best meat-free restaurants in the United States. Chefs Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby have both been involved in the vegetarian movement since the 1990s. Vedge, which opened in 2011 in the historic Tiger Building, takes inspiration from a swath of global cuisines and combines it with fresh, seasonal ingredients from the verdant farmlands of the Northeast. The results are tasty, inspiring, and even healthy. Landau’s philosophy has always been to make vegetarian dishes work for a carnivore’s palate, and some of the standouts at Vedge include the grilled gochujang tofu with smoked miso dashi and edamame puree, as well as the popular “Dirt List,” today’s market vegetables prepared in a way that brings out their awesome essential flavors. Vegetarian or carnivore, you should try Vedge!

1221 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 320-7500

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