Tips for Finding an Internship

In many cases, internships are a now an expected staple for college grads to have on their resumes. Though it may seem like drudgery, internships are a great opportunity to explore possible careers, get much needed on-the-job experience, make valuable contacts, and possibly snag your first job.  For finding (and getting) a great internship in the vast sea of competition, here are some tips:

Use your college’s career center
That’s what it’s there for. Many students overlook the career center as a resource, but their help can be invaluable. Talk to a counselor, tell them what you’re looking for, and look through whatever books and resources they have available. As you describe what you're looking for, they can help you hone in on who to contact, how to contact them, and when to apply.

Talk to alumni and other professionals
Ask your career counselor about the college’s alumni network and reach out to alums with careers that interest you or individuals who live in the area where you’re looking to move after college. Also, don't overlook your parents, family, or friends – talk to anyone who may have an “in” at a company you’re interested in. People are surprisingly willing to help out college students with jobs and internships, so capitalize on their willingness and generosity.

Check company websites
Before hitting up generic search engines, check specific, desired companies’ websites for internship listings. Even if they don’t specify having internships, write a professional inquiry to human resources or a particular division to express your interest. Once you've submitted your inquiry or resume, follow up with a phone call to confirm they received your information.

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