Want to Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals? Here’s How!

Your secret recipe for lasagna might be a smash hit within your family, but its cheesy, greasy droppings have left their mark on your oven. You don't have to reach for a chemical cleaner, however. Instead, rely on a little bit of elbow grease and these three steps:

1) Gather your supplies.
Here's what you'll need to tackle your oven's caked-on grease and grime: liquid dish soap, white vinegar, water, and baking soda. (You can add a few drops of scented essential oil to the mix, if desired.) Combine the ingredients to form a paste (recipe here).

2) Spread and sit.
Put on a pair of rubber gloves, and spread the paste all over the interior of your oven, avoiding the heating elements. For maximum effectiveness, allow the paste to sit at least eight hours—or longer, if possible.

3) Rinse and shine.
Using a damp cloth, wipe the paste from the oven. This will likely require several wipe-downs, so be sure to rinse the towel frequently throughout the process. Should grease remain in any particular area, reapply the paste mixture to the spot, allow it to sit an additional 30 minutes, then rinse. Repeat as needed.

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