A SoCal Favorite Pastime: A Visit to Shoreline Village

Yeah, it’s a tourist trap, but there’s a reason Long Beach’s Shoreline Village has had such staying power even among locals: It’s one of SoCal’s best spots for fishing, watercraft riding, biking along the beach, shopping, dining, drinking—you name it, they’ve got it—and with the warm California sunshine in spades to boot. The shops are cute boutiques; the restaurants have hot happy hours. Check out Tequila Jack’s for food and drinks, or the Funnel House for funnel cakes (of course!), and do not miss Rocky Mountain Chocolate. A quick word of warning: Finding parking can be a bit difficult, but the views—especially the view of the Pacific at night, and the Queen Mary cruise ship out on the ocean—and the plethora of cutesy shops more than make up for any parking-related hassles. 

Shoreline Village
429-P Shoreline Village Drive
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 435-2668

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