Devour Made-to-Order Caribbean and American Fare at Àzalo

January 9, 2019 | sack

The kitchen team does things a little differently at Àzalo. Instead of prepping dishes in advance, they make everything to order — if the eatery’s perfect five-star average on Yelp is any indication, the grub will be well worth the wait.

Àzalo’s chef specializes in all things charbroiled, including a mix of American and international eats. The signature dish is the cochinita pibil, a Caribbean staple that features pork oven-roasted in a banana leaf and crowned with pickled red onions. You can also enjoy charbroiled chicken, shrimp, or veggie kabobs with Persian-style rice and salad on the side. When you’re craving a burger, Àzalo offers many options, from a simple cheeseburger to a patty topped with teriyaki pineapple.

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