Kinokuniya: A New Japanese Bookstore in Austin

Kinokuniya started out as a small bookstore and art gallery in Tokyo back in 1927, but it wasn't until 1949 that the store began to add English books to its inventory. By 1964, it boasted a huge headquarters in Shinjuku, and in 1969, the bookstore began to expand to the U.S. It boasts more than 80 Stateside stores today, including one in Austin that just opened in May.

This unique bookstore offers an array of Japanese literature, including Manga and graphic novels, as well as magazines and stationery from Japan. It also boasts unique notebooks and small toys and trinkets, which makes exploring the shop a fun adventure every time. So head to this Japanese bookshop when you want to expand your literary collection to include a few international reads.

Public Domain/Pixabay/PIRO4D

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