Returning This Weekend: The Fall Pecan Street Festival

Austin is known for its lively music scene, its unique food trailer parks, and a distinctly "weird" city culture—which is actually a point of pride for residents. The Pecan Street Festival highlights all three at its biannual event. The second festival of the year is coming up on September 22nd and 23rd, and it will unfold on Sixth Street (formerly known as "Pecan Street").

Come to check out the free fest if you're a fan of Austin's artsy side. It plays host to hundreds of handpicked artisans selling their own masterpieces made from metal, wood, clay, leather, and other materials. Much of the inventory consists of pieces that have been upcycled, which is good news for eco-enthusiasts. While you shop, enjoy live music by more than 50 local bands and grab some food from Austin's favorite eateries and food trailers.

Public Domain/Pixabay/confused_me

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