Black Star Co-Op: A Member-Owned Brewpub

You may have heard of co-ops that offer fresh groceries, but did you know that the same democratic tenants could contribute to a thriving brewpub? Black Star Co-op proves that the worker-owned business model works flawlessly when it comes to brewing, as more than 3,000 worker-owners collaborate to keep it up and running.

Together, the team crafts a unique balance of "Rational" and "Irrational" beers—that is, some more expected and some more creative concoctions. When it comes to Rational beers, options range from the High Esteem brew with local wildflower honey to the Recalcitrant Dockhand, a bold brew infused with hints of chocolate and java. The Irrational beers, on the other hand, encompass everything from an ale aged in whiskey barrels (the Epsilon) to an oatmeal porter that actually steeps in SRSLY Chocolate cacao nibs (the Inveterate Dockhand). Everyone is welcome to try the inventive brews, co-op member or not.

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